Katie and Seth Riggs Katie with Teacher Seth Riggs

Katie began her vocal teaching career in 1988 at Blue Bear School of American Music in San Francisco.  One of the biggest challenges she faced was helping students sing high notes without straining, cracking, flipping, or abruptly changing tone quality. Katie found the solution in Seth Riggs' book, “Singing For The Stars”, and began studying with Mr. Riggs and his associate Dave Stroud to apply this approach (Speech Level Singing™) to "mixing" the chest voice (low notes) and head voice (high notes.) 

Speech Level Singing™  has worked incredibly well for singers of all styles, from rock to jazz and classical, as they address the mechanics of singing, training their voices to work without effort.  The technique is currently in use by over 120 Grammy Winners and many National Metropolitan Opera Winners.

A wonderful result of good technique is that singers' voices stay strong,  flexible, and reliable.   This also helps self-confidence, freeing us from the constant worry about our voices so we can express ourselves and perform for our audience's (and our own) enjoyment. 

Katie Guthorn is now a Certified Level 5 Speech Level Singing™  instructor (the highest level), and co-owner of The Voice Studio on Potrero Hill.  Lessons are 30-60 minutes long, with half the time usually spent on singing technique (warming up) and half on songs.  Instruction in harmony singing, ear training, reading music, chord structure, singing styles, and other practical matters will be included as desired. Singing students of all ages, levels of ability, and styles are welcomed.