Excerpts from reviews that Katie especially likes:


"What makes this "special" truly special is the dead-on and ever so sincere performance of Katie Guthorn as Karen.  Her voice at times sounding eerily like the late, lamented pop icon, Guthorn has the look, smile and wholesome public persona of Karen Carpenter down pat. Guthorn's greatest strength is actually touching us as she revives such Carpenter classics as 'Rainy Days and Mondays', 'Superstar', and of course, 'Merry Christmas, Darling.'"  Talkin' Broadway, Seattle, Dec. 20, 2002

"But when Katie Guthorn, convincingly at sea in the spoken segments, takes to the microphone as Karen Carpenter, it's for real.  For those with fond memories of 'Close to You,' Top of the World,' and other Carpenter hits, Guthorn's authentic impersonations should be like honey.  And even if you were one of those who switched radio stations as soon as you heard the words 'why do birds suddenly appear,' you may find yourself at least briefly seduced by Guthorn's musical evocations of the late, great Miss Karen."  Bay Area Reporter, Dec. 23, 1999

"If Katie Guthorn were a Carpenter, she'd be a groovy lady.  Actually, the singing actress is pretty groovy all on her own.  But when she plays Karen Carpenter in the winsomely comic, 'A Karen Carpenter Christmas, she's the epitome of retro hip.  Her physical and vocal resemblance to Carpenter is astonishing, and, well, she's just so darn sweet."  Oakland Tribune, Dec. 22, 1998


"Katie Guthorn stood out with a voice that was a dead ringer for Leslie Gore's."  BAM Magazine

(Bing's Swingin' Thing) is a tight boogie, swing and jump blues outfit with Daly City dynamo Katie Guthorn belting out driving vocals."  San Mateo Times

"Standouts in the Zasu Pitts entourage include superb singer Katie Guthorn..."  San Jose Metro

"Of the four front women, Katie Guthorn best captures the spirit of the white girl groups on "Da Doo Ron Ron,..."  BAM Magazine
"...Katie Guthorn, whose aching version of Gene Pitney's 'Town Without Pity' ( w/Kenney Dale Johnson's Swingin' Teardrops Revue) won instant raves."  BAM Magazine